Women's briefs

These are all kinds of panties that are an indispensable element of a woman's wardrobe. They should be comfortable and convenient. Made of high-quality, breathable materials that perfectly fit the body and ensure freedom.

We offer a huge selection of various types of panties. These are classic panties worn every day, slimming panties to improve the appearance of our figure, panties worn occasionally and erotic panties.

How to choose panties for the figure?

  • For ladies with large hips, we offer more built-up panties, e.g. midi. Let's remember, however, to pay attention not to shorten nóg

  • For narrow hips, we recommend panties richly decorated with various types of lace to make the hips look bigger

  • For the pear figure, we suggest classic figs, preferably high-cut ones

  • An hourglass figure, i.e. full, phenomenal hips and at the same time an outlined waist, looks beautiful and phenomenal in bold, strongly cut models

  • Ladies with an apple figure are characterized by round hips and slender legs, in this case built-up models will work, as well as those modeling and slimming ending below the waist line.

Brief models that are worth having

  • Briefs are the most popular and comfortable type of panties, they are perfect when you decide on hips

  • Shorts are more built-up and have wider sides, they are perfect under tight pants

  • Stringo-shorts have a wider front and the back looks like a thong. They are perfect if you want to slim your hips

  • High-waisted panties perfectly conceal protruding sides and flatten the belly

  • Brazilians are a model in which the buttocks look extremely alluring and appetizing

  • Seamless briefs that perfectly adhere to the body and do not stand out under tight clothing

Let's remember, however, that underwear is primarily to provide us with comfort. It can additionally even out the proportions of the figure. Thanks to this, we will feel more feminine and special, but we will also present ourselves effectively.

Every type of panties and the extremely tasteful ones, those emphasizing the figure, as well as those masking the defects of our figure, decorated with fancy embroidery, bows and soft lace in fashionable patterns and colors are still the most popular type of women's underwear. Well-chosen underwear gives us a sense of self-confidence and one hundred percent satisfaction.

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