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Lupoline underwear is the perfect choice for women who like elegance. The assortment includes bras, panties and thongs as well as stylish swimwear corresponding to the current fashion trends.

Lupoline lingerie, swimwear and Lupoline costumes

Lupoline has been producing high-quality women's underwear for many years, which we present on our website. These are:

  • panties
  • bras
  • night underwear
  • products for expectant mothers and breastfeeding women
  • bathing suits

All this is very stylish and original. Each of the ladies will be delighted with the unusual colors, the excellent quality of materials, as well as the enormous variety of patterns and cuts.

Lupoline bras

A bra is a women's wardrobe item that can be found in every woman's drawer. Not only does it make dresses or blouses fit nicely, but above all, it provides adequate support for the breasts, affecting the comfort of everyday activities. Lupoline bras are not only very stylish, but also adapted to the needs of today's women and fulfill many functions. Our offer includes a wide range of models and styles from this manufacturer. You can find a wide range of bras for every type of bust. offers bras: soft, semi-soft, push-up, balconette, brassiere, walk, for nursing mothers. The most outstanding designs, comfortable cuts, various types of cups. Here you will find Lupoline bras, even for the largest bust.

Lupoline nightwear

Nightwear includes shirts, nightgowns, bathrobes. Lupoline lingerie for the night is a wealth of patterns, colors, a variety of fabrics, lace and tulle. It was created not only to decorate a beautiful female body, but also to ensure the highest comfort of wearing and rest while sleeping. Underwear for the night must be comfortable, functional, breathable and practical. For special occasions, we offer slightly more sensual t-shirts that will give a sense of elegance and will satisfy not only ladies but also partners.

Lupoline panties and shorts

Panties are an indispensable element of our wardrobe. You will find many interesting styles made of high-quality fabrics with rich colors and patterns. Lupoline panties designed from airy materials, appropriately selected to the figure and size will guarantee a feeling of unrestricted movements and comfort every day.

Underwear for expectant mothers and breastfeeding women

Thinking about future mothers, Lupoline has created a wonderful, comfortable and functional maternity underwear, that not only fulfills its basic task, but is also very attractive. A pregnant woman wants to feel not only comfortable but also pretty. Lupoline dedicates to future mothers:

Every woman expecting a baby should complete her wardrobe with this type of underwear. Properly selected underwear promotes the health and proper development of the child and provides comfort to the mother.

Nursing bras

We have different types of bras for nursing mothers to choose from:

  • underwired nursing bra
  • padded nursing bra
  • soft nursing bra

At, each of the nursing women will find a bra that will be perfect in every respect. Lupoline takes care of every detail and makes bras that make it easier for nursing women to function in this important period in their lives. Soft, homewear bras are perfect for pregnancy and lactation. However, this does not mean that breastfeeding women must give up stiffened underwear. Every girl needs to feel beautiful and attractive at every moment of her life.

Lupoline Swimwear

Lupoline creates swim suits in bold and expressive colors and a variety of cuts and styles. Designers care not only about the style, but most of all for comfort and convenience. The swimwear we offer is suitable for every figure and size. Our beachwear will satisfy ladies of all ages.

Lupoline underwear

Underwear is very important to us women. Well-chosen, it will make each of the ladies feel comfortable, but also more attractive, beautiful and sensual. If our underwear causes us discomfort and is only an obligatory part hidden under clothes, it's time to replace it with Lupoline. Lupoline underwear is characterized by:

  • The best fabrics
  • All products are made of high-quality fabrics, lace and tulle that meet all the standards and trends in the world of fashion. They allow the body to breathe, and at the same time are safe even for mothers who particularly need comfort and comfort on a daily basis.
  • Fashionable styles
  • Lupoline designers follow and follow the latest trends in underwear. They create bras, panties, T-shirts and bathrobes based on the current needs and preferences of pregnant women and nursing mothers. At, every woman will find underwear that is comfortable, safe and effective.
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