Lingerie accessories

You can find a wide range of lingerie accessories on our store's website. Straps, inserts, gloves, masks, washing balls, plasters and many other accessories that will be perfect in many situations.

Practical accessories for underwear

If you would like to modify your underwear so that it looks Perfect in the selected outfit, we invite you to take a look at our bra accessories. These are very useful products that can make your bra more fascinating and fancy. Thanks to properly selected accessories, you can feel even more comfortable.

  • Laundry ball is a very practical accessory that prevents damage to the bra during washing. It protects bras from deforming the cups, bending the underwires and falling out of the wires. The construction of the ball ensures free flow of washing agents.
  • Straps are not only practical but also aesthetic. They are more than just an element of underwear. They are part of a costume that complements the style and clothing. We recommend straps in the classic version as well as decorative ones with stylish stripes. We also recommend silicone straps, which are practically invisible, very good for uncovered outfits.
  • Shaping inserts lift and shape the breasts and support the push-up effect.
  • Silicone magnifying inserts are the simplest method of enlarging the bust and giving it a beautiful, well-proportioned shape. The construction of the inserts increases the bust, lifts it up, gives the effect of firmness and fullness. They perfectly imitate natural breasts.

Erotic accessories

Underwear is not always about being practical. It is also very important to feel sexy and confident in it. Various accessories that enhance feminine beauty and add a claw help in this. For example, gloves can be a great addition, which will be a tempting addition to your bra. Equally effective will be a mask that will give you mystery and sensuality.

  • Masks is a more erotic element that adds mystery and sensuality. Intriguing and very alluring, usually sewn from a stiff lace fabric. They perfectly match the shape of the face. Tied at the back of the head. They are also perfect for carnival masquerade balls.
  • Gloves are also a feminine addition to the wardrobe, sometimes for evening dresses or as a more erotic element for long passionate nights. Some decorated with lace applications, tulles and bows. In various versions, fingerless and with fingers, short and long, simple and more sensual, adding spice. All made of pleasant to the touch fabric, in popular colors.
  • Overlays, and this is definitely a very spicy addition. Small breast covers sometimes decorated with sequins, other times with bows or even fringes. Self-adhesive do not sensitize and do not irritate the skin thanks to the delicate adhesive substances used for fixing. They are a great complement to the erotic nightwear.
  • Headbands are an intriguing addition to a night costume. Thanks to it, you can discover new, different sensations than before. By turning off one of your senses, you make the others sharpen. Discover a new face of your nature. Feel his breath and touch on your skin.

Small additions, sometimes underestimated and overlooked by us, turn out to be very useful. When we discover them, we wonder how we could live without them before. We cordially invite you to see the proposals prepared by us. If you have any questions regarding the assortment, please contact us. We will be happy to provide any explanations, but we will also be happy to help with the selection of underwear.

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