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Body This is a sensual and stylish women's underwear for every woman. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to shop.

Women's bodysuits are usually chosen for special occasions, thanks to the cut they perfectly correct and model the figure of a woman. They often have detachable straps and push-up inserts. Corsets model the bust, slim the waist, which improves the appearance and well-being. Bodysuits, on the other hand, are elegant and extremely functional. We have a great selection from classic everyday wear, e.g. for work, to sensual, lacy and translucent ones worn for special occasions.

Exclusive women's underwear

A bodysuit is a type of tight-fitting one-piece women's underwear worn with both skirts and trousers. This is an offer for women who value comfort. Often decorated with a subtle mesh or lace. In fashionable patterns and colors. Very good for work, on a date or other unique outing. Very comfortable and functional. Body also act as slimming underwear thanks to which we can lose a few kilos and look slimmer and more feminine. Women's body is a way to slim figure, which gives us the perfect opportunity to hide all the shortcomings of beauty. This type of underwear worn under clothing allows you to feel sensual and attractive and is designed for every woman who wants to feel special. Body does not restrict movement and is underwear that can be worn with any outfit. This type of underwear is very popular and bought by women of all ages. It is underwear under clothing and some models successfully replace blouses. They are equally attractive and very comfortable.

The body is designed to beautify, expose and sculpt the waist so that every woman feels attractive, seductive and sensual. To make her feel beautiful and special.

Lingerie for brave women

Bodystocking is a type of erotic lingerie, included in the category of hosiery. Sensual and very feminine bodystocking, unlike stockings, covers the whole body, which looks sensual and gives a woman self-confidence. In addition, sexy, black bodystocking also emphasizes feminine qualities, stimulating the senses in the bedroom. An insanely bold type of underwear is a body with an open crotch. For a special evening, it is also worth choosing a mesh bodystocking with ties on the arms and legs, or, for example, with a deep neckline - if you want to expose your breasts a bit.

We encourage you to take a look at the women's bodysuits we have prepared. We ensure satisfaction with the use of underwear available in the jagna store. If you have any questions, we will be happy to provide explanations, we are at your disposal.

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