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The Gwinner company is a manufacturer of swimwear, fitness clothes, bathing accessories and thermoactive underwear. Everything is made of excellent quality, durable materials resistant to chlorine and UV rays. Designed and sewn to give maximum comfort.

Gwinner swimwear, pants, leggings -

Gwinner is a leading Polish brand in the swimwear and fitness clothing industry. The company has many years of experience in sewing and designing sports and bathing underwear. The main idea is to create high-quality, comfortable clothing.

Great workmanship and high quality are the main advantages of Gwinner products. The models have been attracting attention with their unique cuts since 1984. While making his products, Gwinner pays attention to every, even the smallest detail. The products are made carefully and stylishly from fabrics that are safe for the skin. A wide range of styles, colors and sizes available at Swimwear, Bermuda shorts, swimming trunks, pants, leggings and tops made of perfectly fitting fabrics. Models ideal for people who spend time actively. The materials from which the products are made are safe and skin-friendly.

Gwinner, swimwear is available in a line for men and women. Gentlemen may decide to:

  • Bermuda shorts with loose legs
  • body-fitting boxer shorts
  • high cut swimming trunks
  • beach panties tied at the waist

Ladies, we can offer Gwinner swimwear modeling the figure, which will highlight the strengths and optically cover up the imperfections of the figure. Among the offers you will get models:

  • one-piece and two-piece
  • equipped with a stand-up collar and a zipper
  • with built-up hem, panties, shorts
  • with an exposed or full back.

All Gwinner swimwear offers maximum comfort and is made of durable materials that are resistant to chlorine and UV rays. So they will be a great choice for a swimming pool as well as holiday relaxation on the beach.

Gwinner - original collections of swimwear and sportswear -

Gwinner swimwear is made of very durable Italian fabrics that dry quickly. The manufacturer has models that are perfect for swimming, swimming training or aqua fitness. Original and perfect workmanship that will provide comfort but also perfectly fit the figure. The manufacturer also took care of women who like extremely elegant swimsuits with beautiful cuts and colors, which will be perfect for the pool, beach, and SPA centers. A wide range of sizes, styles and colors means that everyone can find a product that meets their own requirements. The products of the Polish producer Gwinner are characterized by great workmanship and perfect quality at a very attractive price.

Gwinner bathing suits, pants, leggings - sklep

The manufacturer's offer of Gwinner includes a wide range of thermo-active clothing, sportswear, i.e. pants, leggings, fitness shirts and tops. An important element are also accessories such as swimming goggles, swimming caps, or caps, chimneys, which can also be found in the extensive offer of the Gwinner manufacturer. Sensational quality products that can be selected according to your needs. The models are very comfortable, therefore they are perfect for various activities. The store has great models from the Gwinner manufacturer at very attractive prices.

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