On the store's website you can find a wide range of straps, which will be perfect as an extra decorative accessory that will add extraordinary originality to the bra, but also silicone straps, which can be an important element of styling when you want to hide a standard strap in our bra.

Types of straps available on the store's website:

  • silicone straps
  • straps with metal elements or lace
  • decorative straps emphasizing the neckline or back
  • classic straps

Straps are our convenience, but they can also be a decorative element of our styling.

Bra straps - adjustable, durable and comfortable.

Silicone straps, decorative as well as traditional, white, made of fabric will be useful for every woman.

Silicone straps are perfect for a dress or strapless shirts, for example. Accessories of this type are perfect for situations where we do not want the bra elements to be visible, but we want to support the bust in a stable way. These types of accessories are available in various widths and are adjustable in length.

Traditional straps made of fabric are available in various colors, widths and are adjustable in length. They will perfectly replace worn-out suspenders in our bra and will keep it looking good.

Decorative straps for bras

Decorative straps complement our wide range of bras, which can be purchased as a separate product. This type of accessories will perfectly emphasize our cleavage and make our styling look more interesting.

On our website you will find:

  • straps with metal or lace elements
  • straps with decorative back, perfect for blouses with open back
  • straps emphasizing the neckline

The straps are not only for comfort, but also for decoration and completing our styling.

We encourage you to read the details of the offer.

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