List of products by brand Gorsenia

Gorsenia is a unique manufacturer of beautiful and exclusive women's underwear, offering women an extraordinary wealth of designs, colors and cuts.

Gorsenia creates unique women's underwear, bras and bras.

Gorsenia is a producer of beautiful, exclusive women's underwear, offering our ladies a wealth of designs, colors and styles. Gorsenia's collection includes:

  • Briefs. thongs, shorts
  • bras (push-up, large breasts, soft, semi-padded)
  • products for expectant mothers and breastfeeding women
  • Body
  • nightgowns

Gorsenia bras

Bras for large breasts are perfectly refined to provide ladies with maximum comfort of use. They have properly cut cups, thanks to which the bust does not spill out, it is beautifully arranged. Appropriately wide straps, depending on the size, perfectly support the weight of the breast, and the appropriate number of hooks and eyes increases the quality of the bra. Half-padded bras are a proposal for women who also want to keep their breasts in check. Recommended for women with different breast sizes. Apart from perfect modeling, they also increase the comfort of use. At we also have comfortable and elegant bras for nursing mothers.

Panties, Gorsenia shorts

In our store we have a wide selection of Gorsenia panties, brazilians or shorts. The selection of this type of underwear depends on the individual needs and preferences of our clients. Panties can often be combined with a bra, thus creating a very elegant set of women's underwear. The rich design and ingenuity of the manufacturer will ensure not only comfort of use but also self-esteem.

Gorsenia nightwear

The night gowns offered by the great producer Gorsenia are very nice satin petticoats with thin adjustable straps that look very nice on the female figure, revealing the shoulders and giving the woman an alluring look. Of course, these t-shirts tempt with decorations, most often of high-quality lace. Such a chemise is a beautiful creation for special occasions, but not only. For slightly bolder ladies, we recommend transparent chemises and peniuaras that will give the body sex appeal and sensuality, revealing the attributes of female beauty.

Gorsenia - shaping and corrective body

Body is also one of Gorsenia's proposals. Made of high-quality microfiber, additionally reinforced with mesh, which wonderfully shape the body. The slimming body of this brand makes the body look much slimmer. Body shaping and correcting body perfectly slim the belly, hips and thighs and mask traces of cellulite, they also improve the figure. But it is not everything. Gorsenia also proposes a more sexy, transparent body, richly decorated with embroidery and lace. In this case, it is not necessarily about covering up some of the shortcomings of the figure, on the contrary, it is about presenting your beauty and sex appeal in order to kindle a spark of desire in your man. Gorsenia is a producer that thinks about everything and everyone to whom it addresses its proposals. Here, every lady will find something for herself and for each, even the most unique situation.

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